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Wiarton and Wiarton Willie
Wiarton is a town with a population of 2500 people located on the trough of Colpoys Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula. It is a quaint destination for tourists looking to relax at nearby beaches, play on several golf courses and enjoy outdoor life while hiking on the Bruce Trail or fishing in the bay and lakes. Swimming at the vast beaches and numerous lakes with the beautiful view are highly recommended.

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Wiarton is the home of Wiarton Willie, an albino groundhog that predicts the spring weather every February. Groundhog Day is a famous and longstanding tradition in Wiarton. People gather every February to witness the emerging of Wiarton Willie from his den.

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The original owners of Wiarton Willy's Inn kept groundhogs as a tourist attraction. They were tame enough to petted by children and drew big crowds, especially on Groundhog Day. In 2003, the new owners of the establishment gave the groundhog to the town and built an outdoor pool on the location of the groundhog den. Wiarton Willie now resides in a special house located in front of the Bruce County Library's Wiarton Branch across from Bluewater Park.

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200 Berford St.
Wiarton Ont. N0H 2T0

Closed October 31, 2017
The 2018 season for Wiarton Willy's Inn begins April 10, 2018. Thank you.