About Wiarton Willy's

Wiarton Willy’s Inn has motel accommodations located on Highway 6 at the southern end of Wiarton, Ontario. The inn was recently renovated to make our guests’ stays more comfortable.

Wiarton is the home of Wiarton Willie, an albino groundhog that predicts the spring weather every February. Groundhog Day is a famous and longstanding tradition in Wiarton. People gather every February 2 to witness the emerging of Wiarton Willie from his den. The original owners of Wiarton Willy’s Inn kept groundhogs as a tourist attraction. They were tame enough to be petted by children and drew big crowds, especially on Groundhog Day. In 2003, the new owners of the inn donated the groundhog to the town and built an outdoor pool on the location of the groundhog den. 

Wiarton Willy's Inn exterior view